7 Commits (98093147590ac4f862e95f2e631b1f3881fe679b)

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Shadowfacts 9809314759
Only attempt to register event handlers for mods that use KotlinAdapter 4 years ago
Shadowfacts 7b885ea4cd
Convert indents to tabs 4 years ago
Shadowfacts 7cebe692e7
Only unregister static/register object event handlers unless appropriate handler methods are detected 4 years ago
Shadowfacts ecf20f1a76
Don't crash on failed registration 4 years ago
Shadowfacts c64538e7b0
Remove unnecessary elvis operator 4 years ago
Kitten be61809a7b Unregister class reference from the event bus (#36) 4 years ago
gegy1000 438c604d52 Object EventBusSubscriber registration (#34) 4 years ago