Really fix incorrect neighbor updating

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Shadowfacts 2019-01-09 18:10:23 -05:00
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commit 60c785dc2b
Signed by: shadowfacts
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@ -193,7 +193,11 @@ public abstract class AbstractContainerBlockEntity extends BlockEntity implement
BlockState blockState = world.getBlockState(pos);
world.updateListeners(pos, blockState, blockState, 3);
world.updateNeighbors(pos, blockState.getBlock());
// both of these are required, some blocks (e.g. torch) use getStateForNeighborUpdate (used by updateNeighborStates)
// to update themselves, and some (e.g. redstone dust) use neighborUpdate to do so
blockState.updateNeighborStates(world, pos, 3); // updates the blockstates of the neighbors in the world
world.updateNeighbors(pos, blockState.getBlock()); // calls neighborUpdate on the neighbor blocks
private List<ItemStack> getDroppedStacks(Entry e, ServerWorld world, BlockPos pos) {