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<img src="" width="100" />
<img src="" width="100" />
Adds animated GIF support to UIKit. For the Japanese prefecture, click [here](
#### Why?
Because Apple's `+animatedImage*` sucks, and the few third party implementations that
got it right (see [Credits](#credits)) still require you to use a `UIImageView` subclass.
@ -17,8 +18,7 @@ The figure below summarizes how this works in practice. Given an image
containing 10 frames, Gifu will load the current frame (red), pre-load the next two frames (orange),
and nullify all the other frames to free up memory (gray):
<img src="" width="300" />
<img src="" width="300" />
#### Usage
@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ imageView.setAnimatableImage(named: "computer-kid.gif")
imageView.setAnimatableImage(data: NSData(...))
You can find a demo app [here](
#### To-do
The usual suspects: