Conditionally invalidate displayLink

Don't invalidate the CADisplayLink on deinit unless the  lazy display
link instance was already initialized previously.

- Closes #53
- Closes #54
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Matthew Seiler 2016-03-31 11:12:49 -04:00 committed by Reda Lemeden
parent 367144ac1f
commit aa6e103e42
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@ -19,8 +19,12 @@ public class AnimatableImageView: UIImageView {
/// An `Animator` instance that holds the frames of a specific image in memory.
var animator: Animator?
/// A flag to avoid invalidating the displayLink on deinit if it was never created
private var displayLinkInitialized: Bool = false
/// A display link that keeps calling the `updateFrame` method on every screen refresh.
lazy var displayLink: CADisplayLink = {
self.displayLinkInitialized = true
let display = CADisplayLink(target: TargetProxy(target: self), selector: #selector(TargetProxy.onScreenUpdate))
display.paused = true
return display
@ -110,13 +114,13 @@ public class AnimatableImageView: UIImageView {
/// Invalidate the displayLink so it releases its target.
deinit {
// invalidate will also remove the link from all run loops
if displayLinkInitialized {
/// Attaches the display link.
func attachDisplayLink() {
displayLink.addToRunLoop(.mainRunLoop(), forMode: NSRunLoopCommonModes)