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@ -32,14 +32,16 @@ Once done, you can call `setAnimatableImage(named:)` or
let imageView = UIImageView(...)
imageView.setAnimatableImage(named: "computer-kid.gif")
// or
imageView.setAnimatableImage(data: NSData(...))
// imageView.setAnimatableImage(data: NSData(...))
You can start/stop the animation using `UIImageView`'s `startAnimating()` and
The image view will not start animating until you call `startAnimating()`
on it. You can stop the animation anytime using `stopAnimating()`, and resume
it using `startAnimating()`.
You can find a demo app in this [branch](https://github.com/kaishin/gifu/tree/demo) (requires Xcode 6).
The `isAnimating()` method returns the current animation state of the view.
For an example, check out the demo app [here](https://github.com/kaishin/gifu/tree/demo) (requires Xcode 6).
<img src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaishin/gifu/demo/demo.gif" width="300" />