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## 2023.5
This update adds new several Compose-related features, including the ability to edit posts, a share sheet extension, and a post language picker. See below for the full list of improvements and bugfixes.
- Edit posts
- Indicate edited posts in timestamp
- Show post edit history from Conversation screen
- Add Share Sheet extension
- Add expanded attachment view on Compose screen
- Add an attachment, select the description text field, then tap the expand button
- Expanded view allows you to see the attachment while writing the description
- Allows playing back videos while writing description
- iOS 16: Allows zooming in to the attachment
- Add language picker to the Compose screen
- Improve Compose screen ducking behavior
- Show reblogger's avatar on reblogged posts
- Use system photo picker instead of custom interface
- Improve hashtag search UI in Customize Timelines
- Improve status collapse/expand animation on Notifications screen
- Apply filters to Notifications screen
- Improve performance when scrolling through timeline
- Improve error messages when editing filters
- Change favorite/reblog button order to match Mastodon UI
- Gracefully handle unknown attachment types
- iPadOS: Persist sidebar visibility across
- Fix scroll-to-top not working in in-app Safari
- Fix inaccruate titles in certain error popups
- Fix error decoding post HTML
- Fix replied-to account not being the first @-mention
- Fix "No Content" message on profiles using wrong background color
- Fix reblogged posts appearing in Bookmarks
- Fix spurious errors when loading timeline
- Fix crash when displaying certain profiles
- Fix crash when the server returns invalid notifications
- Fix link previews not appearing in Notifications
- Fix Notifications screen taking a long time to load
- Fix deleted posts not being removed from Notifications screen
- Fix crashes when switching between sidebar/tab-bar modes
- Fix instance features not being detected on IDNA domains
- Fix list/hashtag timelines missing controls when opened in new window
- Fix reblog button being enabled on the user's own direct posts
- Fix main post in Conversation flickering
- Fix link card images not loading on Mastodon
- Fix crash when editing filter with the Hide action
- Fix certain remote status links not being resolved
- Fix Handoff to iPad/Mac presenting new screen modally
- GoToSocial: Fix decoding certain posts
- Calckey: Fix decoding certain posts
- iPadOS: Fix Compose window lacking a title
- iPadOS: Fix keyboard focus highlight not showing
- macOS: Fix sidebar keyboard shortcuts not working
## 2023.4
- Add preference for non-pure-black dark mode