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  Shadowfacts c7746d3084
Add unknown notification fallback 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 315ea39682
Fix crash in silent action prefs 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 44fbbd6a80
Revert "Fix custom emojis in display namesnot showing in conversation main" 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts fa4b5d3542
Fix custom emojis not being shown in display names when scrolling 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts de02c73957
Fix custom emojis in display namesnot showing in conversation main 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 2cebb6bd7d
Show custom emojis in display names (where possible) 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 53707593a6
Show custom emojis in display names (where possible) 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 244659c262
Fix intermittent crash 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts d4ca39761e
Change version, disable UI test web server temporarily 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts f87944b47e
Add app icon 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts af821081b0
Temporary fix for crash that occurs when switching accounts immediately 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 804636dcbb
Don't show warning when loading draft on top of for empty statuses 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 5bed38f661
Show gallery instead of large image when previewing status attachments 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 56de0ab359
Update profile header to always reflect most recently cached data 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 387623a309
Remove old code 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 70bca052c4
Tweak notification grouping 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts d9bae42f81
Prevent empty drafts from being saved 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts a814ee37cc
Update SheetController 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 1a8e84f5fa
Reorganize behavior preferences 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 1f56823a17
Add preference to disable gif animation in timelines 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 65d57df949
Add interacting pushing to navigation controllers 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 8be7480755
Change bundle identifier and signing account 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts d7953470e3
Add rudimentary support for audio attachments 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 8c7bebcce8
Fix large image controls being positioned incorrectly on notched-devices 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 20c602f911
Disable row insertion animations 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts f2e08e96f3
Improve large image/gallery animation handling when images aren't loaded 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts d1913d7e69
Change white background when loading attachment to black 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts f9a62ec3f3
Fix crash when tapping unloaded image attachment 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 26c99a1a35
Improve scroll perform when loading new rows into table views 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6757031dcb
Hide context menus and swipe actions on instance public timelines 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 7c207efa07
Tweak More swipe action to be in-line with system appearance 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 81256b7a96
Only show local posts on public instance timelines 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5a6c12c5a7 Fix missing context menu actions on follow notifications for only one person 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts d6ae51c02f Improve ImageCache loading 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 3220436893
Merge branch 'multiple-accounts' 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 62408fc4bd
Merge branch 'master' into multiple-accounts 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 1d169bec67
Fix statuses showing incorrect timestamps when switching accounts 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 4abda02b76
Only show drafts from current account 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts e9db3fa0ac
Collapse whitespace according to CSS spec after converting HTML to 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 59277ec64f
Change drafts to store which accounts was used to create them 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 08086f1b18
Fix compose reply view missing MastodonController instance 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 12b6623113
Merge branch 'master' into multiple-accounts 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts cece8825ad
Fix decoding Account.moved on Mastodon 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts f9ffb240ef
Fix decoding Hashtag.History on Mastodon 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 79f44c9b58
Change recommended instance selector to store categories as strings 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts ff97b0f76d
Change saved hashtags/instances to be per-account 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 26f1aafa15
Unify SavedHashtagsManager and SavedInstancesManager 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts c99a724bf3
Fix instance public timelines crashing 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts f7421d83ef
Add preference to mention reblogger when replying to a reblogged status 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 7934bc15ac
Split Composing prefs into Composing and Replying 2 months ago