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  Shadowfacts c7746d3084
Add unknown notification fallback 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 387623a309
Remove old code 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 70bca052c4
Tweak notification grouping 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 81256b7a96
Only show local posts on public instance timelines 6 months ago
  Shadowfacts cece8825ad
Fix decoding Account.moved on Mastodon 6 months ago
  Shadowfacts f9ffb240ef
Fix decoding Hashtag.History on Mastodon 6 months ago
  Shadowfacts 79f44c9b58
Change recommended instance selector to store categories as strings 6 months ago
  Shadowfacts 08c84688cf
Change recommended instance selector to store categories as strings 6 months ago
  Shadowfacts a18bcac8b8
Pachyderm: Change Client request methods to be static, like all other 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts 787dc9f24f
Fix crash decoding statuses sent from certain applications 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts ad09e36907
Show follow requsts in notifications w/ accept/reject buttons 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts 377b5f5c85
Add ability to save and view instance public timelines 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts ae6a0513e4
Add local saved hashtags 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6831ab5385
Pachyderm: Fix request bodies form parameters not being percent-escaped 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts afc2bfcf6b
Add list editing 7 months ago
  Shadowfacts 270cbc2a6c
Add lists to Explore tab 8 months ago
  Shadowfacts 036791bd39
Replace Search tab with Explore tab 8 months ago
  Shadowfacts 4c0607af79
Add (un)bookmarking to status more options 8 months ago
  Shadowfacts b47b08fa95
Store status collapse state in containing view controller 8 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5ebf651f76
Revert "Use correct ISO 8601 date decoder" 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5da357ee9c
Use correct ISO 8601 date decoder 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts b81e4d0a9e
Tweaks to support decoding Pixelfed instance response 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 9502944e62
Revert "Fix pagination links not being parsed correctly for some URLs" 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts d0c49144c4 Add notification dismissal swipe action 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts 32d6756762 Add NSUserActivity's for timelines 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts df8e0dedd4
Add instance selector 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts fc2aea04c3
Add hashtags to search 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts e121dd37b8
Add Search tab 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts 60aa6eca36
Fix pagination links not being parsed correctly for some URLs 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts 8bb6e9403d Add toggle to control whether Notifications tab shows all or just mentions 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts d52875cf25 Allow Pleroma instances to exceed Mastodon attachment limits 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts 1618313742
Fav/reblog notification grouping 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts e53b14c729
Reorganize Pachyderm code 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts d3848b356b
Remove old custom Identifiable type 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts d9b21a0196
Represent timelines internally as segments 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8a45837918
Fix loading attachments from Pleroma 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts d94a0050b7
Show fields in profiles 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 37f6a0b4c8
Add custom emojis 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 882f03a94b
Better lenient URL parsing 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 30cd8991e8
Pachyderm: Add StatusContentType 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts db68b9dee0
Fix crash when decoding status attachments with non-percent encoded spaces in URLs 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 3da1a7badd
Add character counter 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts d1b45ddf7b
Pachyderm: Add CharacterCounter 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts d345cd5372
Add following/unfollowing accounts 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 68300f930b
Cleanup silent XCB actions code 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts a10b990073
Cache accounts 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts a6d23d12eb
Add shared status cache 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts a5579ce0e3
Change client requests to match others 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts bf09b80a5a
Change Pachyderm models to be immutable 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 22dfec0483
Start work on swipe actions 1 year ago