109 Commits (29e0128a556ea7e129242c5a603e0132fb5804a9)

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  Shadowfacts 29e0128a55
Fix broken file paths 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts ad09e36907
Show follow requsts in notifications w/ accept/reject buttons 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 05cc3fd6d9
Add pinning/unpinning statuses 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 3ecbb1895c
Replace GMImagePicker with custom asset picker based on SheetController 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 18c3c3c434
More UI testing setup and API mocks 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 49f58cf955
Initial UI testing setup 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 377b5f5c85
Add ability to save and view instance public timelines 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts ae6a0513e4
Add local saved hashtags 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts afc2bfcf6b
Add list editing 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 270cbc2a6c
Add lists to Explore tab 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 036791bd39
Replace Search tab with Explore tab 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 05d79d5d03
Use same nav delegate more options for context menu share sheet 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 4c0607af79
Add (un)bookmarking to status more options 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts eb6cfba9aa
Fix tablel view cells being re-selected on aborted nav swipe back 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts b47b08fa95
Store status collapse state in containing view controller 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 24a1e7ceb9
Unify most of TimelineStatus and ConverastionMainStatus cell code 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8fb3b211b6
Add button to conversation table view to collapse/expand all posts 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 150adeb581
Use custom navigation controller for preferences to override 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 5076aec54e
Use ObservedObject for binding to prefs in SwiftUI instead of custom property wrappers 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts c84b042c33
Modify font descriptor traits when applying bold/italic formatting 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts f0c0376f80
Add home screen shortcuts 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts df8e0dedd4
Add instance selector 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts fc2aea04c3
Add hashtags to search 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e121dd37b8
Add Search tab 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 88344c67e8 Merge timeline tabs 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 905b6a0a21
Add preference for default notifications display mode 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8bb6e9403d Add toggle to control whether Notifications tab shows all or just mentions 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts d52875cf25 Allow Pleroma instances to exceed Mastodon attachment limits 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 9522509f8f
Remove unnecessary XIBs 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts d9abf3ec09
Show list of accounts based on grouped notifications 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 76bc6a665c
Show list of accounts for grouped follow notifications 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts a363308147
Follow notification grouping 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 1618313742
Fav/reblog notification grouping 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e53b14c729
Reorganize Pachyderm code 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts b60688f4b8
Show share sheet with custom activities instead of alert controller for account actions 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 84cfa923ca
Use Notification for updating view appearance on preferences change 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 51a03553a9
Add preference for how reply CWs are copied 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts d9b21a0196
Represent timelines internally as segments 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 50d641eb59
Block gab.* domains from logging in 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 55fc032f36
Extract attachment layout to it's own view 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e6c6293c10
Add multi-image gallery 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts f2e3870850
Start rewriting preferences in SwiftUI 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 9d4782c63c
Add SF Symbols icons 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts b3b9d566b7
iOS 13 Dark Mode Support 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 66bb1050a5
Add support for additional formatting 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 9c0624b79e
Clean up warnings 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 2a11a09c91
Convert to Swift 5 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 07ce3d41a8
Remove old tab customization code 2 years ago
  Shadowfacts ef6047fcb1
Replace TTTAttributedLabel with custom LinkLabel 2 years ago
  Shadowfacts 55ed2f5d26
Get rid of AppRouter 2 years ago