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Allow pinning instance public timelines
2 months ago
ArrayUniqueTests.swift Fix duplicate saved instances not being uniqued correctly 3 months ago
AttributedStringHelperTests.swift Collapse whitespace according to CSS spec after converting HTML to 3 years ago
FuzzyMatcherTests.swift Add Compose screen mention, hashtag, emoji completion 2 years ago
Info.plist Initial Commit 5 years ago
PinnedTimelineTests.swift Allow pinning instance public timelines 2 months ago
SemiCaseSensitiveComparatorTests.swift Better case-insensitive sorting for lists 4 months ago
TuskerTests.swift Use mutex on iOS 15 instead of os_unfair_lock 6 months ago
VersionTests.swift Only show Trending Posts/Links on new enough Mastodon versions 12 months ago