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  Shadowfacts 64b1515b46
Add post content type to frontend 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 39b48eb52d
Use the same template for posting statuses 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts aae48b2500
Remove extra space from mentions for reply 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts de7a1e617d
Send Webmentions to linked URLs, excluding mentions 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 7e38b460c6
Fix links in text/plain posts not getting converted to HTML 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 0f7eb99efb
Insert local links for remote actors in FE 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts cf115c3f7c
Don't show status actions unless logged in 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 4c9adb3336
Don't show reply form unless logged in 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts fd336f0bed
Add basic notifications 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 47bb420c81
Show announces in timelines 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts a2ddde09f7
Add mentions to status reply textarea 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 90a653d059
Add mentioning actors 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 1e984ba30e
Add Webmention endpoint discovery 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts f93afdbe5f
Add h-entry microformat classes 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 411dcaa32e
Add Clacks.HTTP.head helper 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 0afe2d3b30
Slightly improve timestamps for old posts 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 4733aa23ab
Refacotr posting into separate module 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 5d45f170f1
Fix elixir/dialyzer warnings 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 3caab0d808
Sanitize incoming HTML 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 2636b5eabf
Add unfollowing remote users 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e194f0fc07
Add following remote users 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8becb6b174
Login form, flash style improvements 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 803fc4c36e
Don't show search link if logged out 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 1a1a58cb82
Add local timeline unauthenticated homepage 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts fcd66f3d51
Fix home timeline including statuses from followers instead of following 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e0c8f8e142
Deduplicate incoming followers 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e7dcbdc6a4
Add searching for remote actors 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e7c19940b0
Show remote actor profiles 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 00c51e4ad9
Improve HTTP handling 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts a0e290197f
Add searching for remote statuses 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts b034d159a9
Fix permalink not working for remote statuses 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts f51d4a6be4
Add option to return activity from object fetch, don't unnecessarily synthesize Create if one already exists 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8178fc3ba6
Tweak button styles 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts ace33f3d06
Timeline pagination 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 4aa579d959
Update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts eba9e4be96
Frontend UI improvements 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 77bca46197
Add override format query param 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 7d071d971c
Add replying to statuses 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 6c0fc06c21
Move timeline/status rendering to partials for reuse 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts f65c5752bc
Link logged in user profile on homepage 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 610af799ec
Minor fixes 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 0ca9d02499
Use timeline module for outbox 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 2972bad192
Redirect object URLs in browser to status page 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts fbbd287fc1
Fix activities controller filename 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8d1be99036
Fix posting from FE not saving object 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 734e30584a
Move federation to background job 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 797283985e
Show home timeline on frontend when logged in 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 680f82664e
Add login/logout buttons 2 years ago
  Shadowfacts 7054b39937
Fix user add task, add change password task 2 years ago
  Shadowfacts 01d4e713bb
Frontend stuff 2 years ago