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<title>Daring Fireball</title>
<subtitle>By John Gruber</subtitle>
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<rights>Copyright © 2019, John Gruber</rights>
<title>Jack Dorseys Twitter Account Was Compromised</title>
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<name>John Gruber</name>
<content type="html" xml:base="" xml:lang="en">
<p>Zack Whittaker, writing for TechCrunch:</p>
<p>A hacker has compromised Jack Dorseys Twitter account.</p>
<p>A stream of rogue tweetsincluding racial slurswere posted
to the Twitter chief executives own Twitter account just after
3:30pm ET. Its not immediately known how the hacker gained access
to Dorseys account.</p>
<p>A lot of people are cracking jokes about thison Twitter, of course. I might joke too, if not for the fact that I worry if this could happen to Dorsey, it could happen to Trump.</p>
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