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defmodule ReadabilityTest do
use ExUnit.Case, async: true
test "readability for NY Times" do
html = TestHelper.read_fixture("nytimes.html")
opts = [clean_conditionally: false]
nytimes = Readability.article(html, opts)
nytimes_html = Readability.readable_html(nytimes)
assert nytimes_html =~
~r/^<div><div><figure id=\"media-100000004245260\"><div><img src=\"https/
assert nytimes_html =~ ~r/major priorities.<\/p><\/div><\/div>$/
nytimes_text = Readability.readable_text(nytimes)
assert nytimes_text =~ ~r/^Buddhist monks performing as part of/
assert nytimes_text =~ ~r/one of her major priorities.$/
test "readability for BBC" do
html = TestHelper.read_fixture("bbc.html")
bbc = Readability.article(html)
bbc_html = Readability.readable_html(bbc)
assert bbc_html =~ ~r/^<div><div><figure><span><img alt=\"A Microsoft logo/
assert bbc_html =~ ~r/connected computing devices\".<\/p><\/div><\/div>$/
bbc_text = Readability.readable_text(bbc)
# TODO: Remove image caption when extract only text
# assert bbc_text =~ ~r/^Microsoft\'s quarterly profit has missed analysts/
assert bbc_text =~ ~r/connected computing devices\".$/
test "readability for medium" do
html = TestHelper.read_fixture("medium.html")
medium = Readability.article(html)
medium_html = Readability.readable_html(medium)
assert medium_html =~ ~r/^<div><div><p id=\"3476\"><strong><em>Background:/
assert medium_html =~ ~r/recommend button!<\/em><\/h3><\/div><\/div>$/
medium_text = Readability.readable_text(medium)
assert medium_text =~ ~r/^Background: Ive spent the past 6/
assert medium_text =~ ~r/a lot to me if you hit the recommend button!$/
test "readability for buzzfeed" do
html = TestHelper.read_fixture("buzzfeed.html")
buzzfeed = Readability.article(html)
buzzfeed_html = Readability.readable_html(buzzfeed)
assert buzzfeed_html =~ ~r/^<div><div><p>The FBI no longer needs Apples help/
assert buzzfeed_html =~ ~r/encrypted devices.<\/p><hr\/><hr\/><hr\/><hr\/><\/div><\/div>$/
buzzfeed_text = Readability.readable_text(buzzfeed)
assert buzzfeed_text =~ ~r/^The FBI no longer needs Apples help/
assert buzzfeed_text =~ ~r/issue of court orders and encrypted devices.$/
test "readability for pubmed" do
html = TestHelper.read_fixture("pubmed.html")
pubmed = Readability.article(html)
pubmed_html = Readability.readable_html(pubmed)
assert pubmed_html =~
~r/^<div><div><h4>BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: <\/h4><p><abstracttext>Although strict blood pressure/
assert pubmed_html =~
~r/different mechanisms yielded potent antihypertensive efficacy with safety and decreased plasma BNP levels.<\/abstracttext><\/p><\/div><\/div>$/
pubmed_text = Readability.readable_text(pubmed)
assert pubmed_text =~ ~r/^BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: \nAlthough strict blood pressure/
assert pubmed_text =~
~r/with different mechanisms yielded potent antihypertensive efficacy with safety and decreased plasma BNP levels.$/