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  Shadowfacts e54c2a0570
Add document deletion 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts feeb4e0370
Add refreshing 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts 3c4d07093d
Use correct Node initializer 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts 9488c108b6
Increment build 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 624befaec2
Alphabetically sort database and collection names 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 01418e44ad
Always show scroll bar for query results 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts e507817b84
Improve Mongo output handling 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 954b0bc8a6
Add type column to query results outline view 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 8104853f13
Add query evaluation 1 month ago
  Shadowfacts 8eee8767d1
Initial commit 1 month ago