22 Commits (9e258b71f4b75d974db9370abd6c2606170188b1)

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  Shadowfacts 9e258b71f4
Only enable delete menu item for root nodes 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts b971952217
Remove old code 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 2088a91098
JavaScript editor: add autocompletion for ', ", `, (, [, and { 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0b4a09433b
Extract JavaScript highlighted text view to separate class 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 1b0d261d54
JavaScript Highlighter: Fix array whitespace 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts a976cf894f
JavaScript Highlighter: Handle ternary expressions 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5b9f59ec09
JavaScript Highligher: object literal parsing fixes 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts f27fc8eb9e
JavaScript Highlighter code cleanup 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6e4cbfdb6d
Add rudimentary JavaScript highlighting to query text view 10 months ago
  Shadowfacts 3a8088033a
Prevent nodes from collapsing when refreshing 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts 3e46c06ba8
Start adding toolbar 11 months ago
  Shadowfacts c4425e50e3
Disallow refreshing when there is no query VC 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e54c2a0570
Add document deletion 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts feeb4e0370
Add refreshing 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 3c4d07093d
Use correct Node initializer 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 9488c108b6
Increment build 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 624befaec2
Alphabetically sort database and collection names 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 01418e44ad
Always show scroll bar for query results 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts e507817b84
Improve Mongo output handling 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 954b0bc8a6
Add type column to query results outline view 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8104853f13
Add query evaluation 1 year ago
  Shadowfacts 8eee8767d1
Initial commit 1 year ago