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This update adds support for search operators and post translation, and improves support for displaying rich-text posts. See below for a full list of improvements and fixes.


  • Show search operators on Mastodon 4.2
  • Use server-set preference for default post visibility, language, and (on Hometown) local-only
  • Allow changing list reply policy and exclusivity options on Edit List screen
  • Add Translate action to conversations (on supported Mastodon instances)
  • Style block quotes correclty in rich-text posts
  • Improve the appearance of lists in rich-text posts
  • Add preference to underline links
  • Compress uploaded video attachments to fit within instance limits
  • Add preference to hide attachments in timelines
  • Update visible timestamps after refresh notifications/timelines
  • iPadOS: Allow switching between split screen and fullscreen navigation modes
  • Pixelfed: Improve error message when uploading attachment fails
  • Akkoma: Enable composing local-only posts


  • Fix older notifications not loading if all initiially-loaded ones are grouped together
  • Fix List timelines failing to refresh if they were initially empty
  • Fix replies to posts with CWs always showing confirmation dialog when cancelling
  • Fix Compose screen permitting setting the language to multiple/undefined
  • Fix crash when uploading attachments without file extensions
  • Fix Live Text button reappearing with swiping between attachment gallery pages
  • Fix avatars on certain notifications flickering when refreshing
  • Fix avatars on follow request notifications not being rounded
  • Fix timeline jump button appearing incorrectly when Button Shapes acccessibility setting is on
  • Fix public instance timeline screen not handling post deletion correctly
  • Fix post that's reblogged and contains a followed hashtag not showing the reblogger
  • Fix crash on launch when reblogged posts are visible
  • Fix crash when showing display names with custom emoji in certain places
  • Fix crash when showing trending hashtags without history data
  • Fix potential crash on instance selector screen
  • Fix potential crash if the app is dismissed while fast account switcher is animating
  • Fix potential crash after deleting List on the Eplore screen
  • Pixelfed: Fix error decoding certain posts
  • VoiceOver: Fix history entries on Edit History screen not having descriptions
  • iPadOS: Fix delay on app launch before "My Profile" sidebar item appears
  • iPadOS: Fix language picker button not highlighting when hovered with the cursor
  • macOS: Fix "New Post" window title appearing twice
  • macOS: Fix Cmd+W sometimes closing non-foreground windows
  • macOS: Fix visibility/local-only buttons not appearing in Compose toolbar
  • macOS: Fix images copied from Safari not pasting on Compose screen


This update adds support for iOS 17 and includes some minor changes.


  • Support iOS 17
  • Indicate that edit history may be incomplete for remote posts
  • Fix crash when collapsing to tab-bar mode in certain circumstances
  • Fix potential crashes when using autocomplete on the Compose screen
  • Fix Iceshrimp instances not being detected


This update fixes a number of bugs and improves stability throughout the app. See below for a list of fixes.


  • Fix issues displaying main post in the Conversation screen
  • Fix crash when opening the Compose screen in certain locales
  • Fix issues when collapsing from sidebar to tab bar mode
  • Fix incorrect UI being displayed when accessing certain parts of the app immediately after launch
  • Fix link card images not being blurred on posts marked sensitive
  • Fix links appearing with incorrect accent color intermittently
  • Fix being unable to remove followed hashtags from the Explore screen
  • Akkoma: Fix not being able to follow hashtags
  • Pleroma: Fix refreshing Mentions failing
  • iPhone: Fix ducked Compose screen disappearing when rotating on large phones


This update adds new several Compose-related features, including the ability to edit posts, a share sheet extension, and a post language picker. See below for the full list of improvements and bugfixes.


  • Edit posts
  • Indicate edited posts in timestamp
  • Show post edit history from Conversation screen
  • Add Share Sheet extension
  • Add expanded attachment view on Compose screen
    • Add an attachment, select the description text field, then tap the expand button
    • Expanded view allows you to see the attachment while writing the description
    • Allows playing back videos while writing description
    • iOS 16: Allows zooming in to the attachment
  • Add language picker to the Compose screen
  • Improve Compose screen ducking behavior
  • Show reblogger's avatar on reblogged posts
  • Use system photo picker instead of custom interface
  • Improve hashtag search UI in Customize Timelines
  • Improve status collapse/expand animation on Notifications screen
  • Apply filters to Notifications screen
  • Improve performance when scrolling through timeline
  • Improve error messages when editing filters
  • Change favorite/reblog button order to match Mastodon UI
  • Gracefully handle unknown attachment types
  • iPadOS: Persist sidebar visibility across


  • Fix scroll-to-top not working in in-app Safari
  • Fix inaccruate titles in certain error popups
  • Fix error decoding post HTML
  • Fix replied-to account not being the first @-mention
  • Fix "No Content" message on profiles using wrong background color
  • Fix reblogged posts appearing in Bookmarks
  • Fix spurious errors when loading timeline
  • Fix crash when displaying certain profiles
  • Fix crash when the server returns invalid notifications
  • Fix link previews not appearing in Notifications
  • Fix Notifications screen taking a long time to load
  • Fix deleted posts not being removed from Notifications screen
  • Fix crashes when switching between sidebar/tab-bar modes
  • Fix instance features not being detected on IDNA domains
  • Fix list/hashtag timelines missing controls when opened in new window
  • Fix reblog button being enabled on the user's own direct posts
  • Fix main post in Conversation flickering
  • Fix link card images not loading on Mastodon
  • Fix crash when editing filter with the Hide action
  • Fix certain remote status links not being resolved
  • Fix Handoff to iPad/Mac presenting new screen modally
  • GoToSocial: Fix decoding certain posts
  • Calckey: Fix decoding certain posts
  • iPadOS: Fix Compose window lacking a title
  • iPadOS: Fix keyboard focus highlight not showing
  • macOS: Fix sidebar keyboard shortcuts not working



  • Add preference for non-pure-black dark mode
  • Add Jump to Present button to timelines on the home tab
  • Consolidate Trends into a single screen
  • Allow pinning instance public timelines to the Home tab
  • Add GIF/ALT badges to attachments (and preference to hide them)
  • Add action to show hide/show reblogs from specific accounts
  • Add preference to hide link preview cards
  • Hide placeholder image in link preview card for previews without images
  • Truncate links in posts
  • Move Drafts button in Compose screen to nav bar to reduce accidental presses
  • Load more posts/notifications on each page
  • Update Bookmarks screen when posts are bookmarked/unbookmarked
  • Add infinite scrolling to Bookmarks screen
  • Add Favorites screen to the Explore tab
  • Make attachment description text selectable in gallery
  • Add long press to copy username on profile screens
  • Optimize conversation loading
  • Apply server-configured poll limits in Compose screen
  • Add infinite scrolling to trending links/hashtags/posts
  • Add state restoration for more screens
  • Persist state when switching between accounts
  • Add Handoff support for various screens
  • Add preference to sync timeline position using Mastodon API, rather than iCloud
  • Show percentage of voters for multi-choice polls, rather than percentage of votes
  • Display message on remote profiles with no posts
  • Indicate moved profiles
  • Make Load More button on timelines more prominent
  • VoiceOver: Make fast account switcher accessible
  • VoiceOver: Improve labels for notifications
  • VoiceOver: Fix custom emoji picker not having labels


  • Workaround for not being able to sign in to certain instances
  • Fix timeline position sync not working in certain circumstances
  • Fix local-only posts not being decodable when logged in to Akkoma instances
  • Fix Trends sometimes appearing in Explore/sidebar on non-Mastodon instances
  • Fix favoriters/rebloggers list not resizing on screen rotation
  • Fix crash when tapping My Profile tab immediately after app launch
  • Handle authentication required errors on instance public timelines
  • Fix follow request accept/reject buttons not matching accent color preference
  • Fix tapping reblog count in conversation main status showing favorites list
  • Fix crash when certain tags are present in post HTML
  • Fix crash when opening Report screen in certain circumstances
  • iPadOS: Fix crash when resizing window while on the Explore screen
  • iOS 15: Fix accent colors not being displayed in Preferences