765 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Shadowfacts c737354ed3 Fix cursor movement not working in compose text fields when emoji added 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts 8ea15d3bab Add preference for requiring confirmation before reblogging 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts 13a4221fce Add own-instance API request retrying 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts a896573a5e Show assets immediately after granting permissions 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts edd89450aa Fail gracefully when fetching statuses in timeline controller 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts 5f5ef8fcea Fix potential crash when large image loading fails 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts a3b59c990b Fix compile issue on Xcode 12.4 2 weeks ago
  Shadowfacts 1e7bfac13c Bump build number and update changelog 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6e92633793 Fix crash when adding pinned statuses section during refresh 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts e4ff632dcb Fix conversation main status being selectable 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts b0ebef2cfd Only show Trending Hashtags and Profile Directory on Mastodon 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts bbb8707cb7 Add Profile Directory 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6a927e4092 Enable drag & drop on account list screen 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 13cdb5d8c7 Add Trending Hashtags to sidebar 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 9f0883d0cb Fix sidebar item getting deselected on add list/instance/hashtag 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts eba2e17479 Fix wrong content mode for profile header avatar image 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5d1c95621b Fix VisualEffectImageButton retain cycle 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 02ba45fa34 Fix crash when opening & closing Preferences after changing account 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 9d5c004ec4 Add Trending Hashtags screen 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 37e90229c2 Fix crash when editing list 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 73aceda97f Convert Explore screen to use list-style collection view 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts 669d55500a Remove unused pre-iOS 14 code 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts f44d127110 Bump deployment target to iOS 14.1 2 months ago
  Shadowfacts bcc023a127 Show threads on Conversation screen 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 122cce3bc7 Disable blurhashes in debug builds 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 949162bcab Fix fast account switching animating in wrong direction 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 4ed862120c Add trending hashtags to add saved hashtag controller 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts f9411d706b Bump build number and update changelog 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 8f61b0b9a6 Remove old imports 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts cdffda5593 Fix crash when profile screen disappears 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts d1c45a87e6 Fix low resolution avatars being shown on profile 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 2761c05a01 Remove Cache library 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts e7800249af Avoid loading cached data into memory when prefetching 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 2e88b266d9 Prefetch on a background queue to avoid blocking main queue with 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0b008489f7 Add CachingDiskStorage 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts de67327f6d Fix ImageCache kicking off extra requests when a completion block was 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 04a6fe807e Cache scaled images 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6dee0957ea Remove in-memory caches of most original image data 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts c12d2db258 Cache UIImage objects to avoid re-decoding images unnecessarily 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 27b39b79e6 Fix refreshes after no-result refresh not working 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts d7aa3f1617 Fix crash when updating timestamp of removed status 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 69c2faf0e1 Fix crash when user refreshes profile before initial pinned statuses request completes 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 678ed4959b Fix crash upon split view expansion before sidebar VC is loaded 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0bdcda1b23 Fix secondary windows not respecting theme preference 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts 74a30d27e8 Hide keyboard before dismissing windows 3 months ago
  Shadowfacts f0e2bb8db6 Fix crash while cancelling prefetching of rows 4 months ago
  Shadowfacts 3fdeb51353 Bump build number and update changelog 4 months ago
  Shadowfacts a7b2a7df71 Don't try to re-replace emojis unnecessarily 4 months ago
  Shadowfacts 41403c84f9 Don't allocate a new Set every time timeAgo is computed 4 months ago
  Shadowfacts e67f6b2ad8 Avoid redundant database lookups 4 months ago