541 Commits (f86d3a0ed15ac23a77c47d9f56deb91e2eba661c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Shadowfacts f86d3a0ed1 Fix sometimes broken masking of text view link preview animations 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 864fd77ecc Sync active tab and navigation stack between split view/tab bar controllers 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 78da04162f Fix missing file from project.pbxproj 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 40a742139b Fix menu state getting out of sync with bookmarked/muted state 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 8bbc572fa7 Replace more with share button for timeline status swipe actions 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 2a8e970738 Use context menus as primary actions for 'More Actions' buttons on >= iOS 14 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 3abb5972b9 Limit context menu previews in ContentTextView to link's text line rects 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0c06d91f6b Fix showing instance public timeline 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6cf6db6a8d Add sidebar on iPadOS 14 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts fb11e36467 Fix crash when displaying search results 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0fa87e9177 Prevent crash when displaying accounts with no pinned statuses 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5cb84e271a Prefer ephemeral sessions in ASWebAuthneticationSession 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 50f1a9a7de Change ComposeDrawingViewController to use drawingPolicy on iOS 14 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 154fc7cd02 Fix ASWebAuthenticationSession usage in Catalyst 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 01d765fa45 Enable Catalyst 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 04aad1252a Use SwiftSoup from SPM instead of Git submodule 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 43779e42df Fix crash showing custom instance on iOS 14 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts a5a2cd147e
Fix attachment blur view missing corner radius 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0e91fc239d
Fix missing anchor for Compose screen visibility popover 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 0e5aab75df
Bump build number 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts c715d11fc2
Add CHANGELOG.md 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 8010e86711
Change attachment views to be 16:9 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts a41d27f18c
Move status action buttons back below attachments 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 083add273b
Prevent audio from other apps pausing when showing gifv attachments 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 64365bdf2b
Fix compose attachments being cut off at the bottom of the safe area 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6adcad63b3
Add crash report helper 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 393a134648
Don't show Follow activity for user's own account 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts ba3e9e7491
Fix compose attachment description text view not expanding to fit text 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 920f926b48
Add text recognition image description for image attachments 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6e27399e10
Fix loading additional statuses on profiles not working 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts c3c19b1994
Fix pin image still showing on statuses after cell reuse 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 1f40cc9928
Show controls/description for gifv attachments 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 66020b7847
Add preference for always showing status visiblity icon 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 00bf99334f
Add preference for status reply icons 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 3aef7d4d93
Organize Preferences.swift 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts a901af6be9
Merge branch 'private-beta' into develop 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts b623e348c2 Fix crash when opening compose screen before initial network requests completed 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 056346cee9
Add reply indicator to statuses in timelines 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 30c04b49e7
Add visibility indicator to statuses 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 848022ec6e
Disable reblog button for private posts 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 39e847bda8
Fix reblog label showing incorrect account 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5d751cd994
Prevent redundant status database lookups 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts d27bddb2ca Fix profile header image not showing up on first load 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 36326e4469
Make network requests in viewWillAppear instead of viewDidLoad 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 6b7904ed52
Improve profile field layout 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 61c6d63c67
Fix profile fields not displaying 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts c0316f55ef
Fix crash when sharing large image on iPad 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 803ba50f53
Add pointer interaction to remove attachment, large image share/dismiss buttons 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts 5d0c59e863
Prompt for Photos access before showing asset picker 5 months ago
  Shadowfacts c7b4d00da7
Fix race condition loading bookmarks 5 months ago