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Closed #408 Akkoma supports following hashtags 1 day ago

Closed #251 Permanently cache own account in CoreData 1 week ago

Closed #316 VC presented from Explore is closed when expanding split 1 week ago

Closed #396 Compose screen dismisses and leaves broken ducked placeholder when rotating 1 week ago

Closed #399 Backgrounding the app dismisses any presented SFSafariViewControllers 1 week ago

Closed #403 Poll checkboxes flash/animate to enabled when cell reconfigures 1 week ago

Closed #404 Fix DeferredLoadingIndicator crashes 1 week ago

Closed #400 Selecting search result on iPad modally presents VC 1 week ago

Closed #393 Recognize text reads attachment data on background thread 2 weeks ago

Closed #394 Delete attachment context menu action does not work 2 weeks ago

Closed #395 MainSplitVC didCollapse should not force unwrap search controller 2 weeks ago

Closed #398 Notifications handleStatusDeleted should check whether section exists before querying it 2 weeks ago

Closed #386 Touching attachment on ConvMainStatusCell shows cell background 2 weeks ago

Closed #387 Missing context menu preview/actions for poll finished cell 2 weeks ago

Closed #388 Reblogs count button is not leading aligned 2 weeks ago

Closed #389 Tip jar button width changes while in loading state 2 weeks ago

Closed #390 Crash if there's a group with no notifications 2 weeks ago

Closed #391 Validate length before asking for endIndex when trying to parse UITextInputMode language 2 weeks ago

Closed #392 Check that there is a mastodonController before looking up status 2 weeks ago

Closed #47 Gracefully handle unsupported media types 3 weeks ago

Closed #177 Migrate drafts to CoreData 3 weeks ago

Closed #169 Crash when opening unknown-type attachment in gallery 3 weeks ago

Closed #383 Fix grouped background for expand thread cell 3 weeks ago

Closed #384 Handle Mastodon remote post URLs in link checking 3 weeks ago

Closed #380 Status doesn’t start expanded in conversation 4 weeks ago

Closed #381 Fav/reblog button should update status immediately w/o reconfiguring and animating 4 weeks ago

Closed #382 Boost to original audience should be disabled for dms 4 weeks ago

Closed #375 Share sheet extension doesn't appear for apple news article 4 weeks ago

Closed #321 Add Post Edit Function 4 weeks ago

Closed #373 Error decoding GtS status URLs 4 weeks ago

Closed #378 Crash when looking at posts and replies for certain profile 1 month ago

Closed #236 Language selector on Compose screen 1 month ago

Closed #369 Duckable compose UX improvements 1 month ago

Closed #374 Crash on first launch of build 80 if resuming compose user activity 1 month ago

Closed #377 Send button on report screen shows spinner in wrong place 1 month ago

Closed #365 Show larger preview while writing attachment description 1 month ago

Closed #376 Compose screen rewrite broke posting gifs 1 month ago

Closed #153 CompositionAttachmentData.video can't be encoded 1 month ago

Closed #266 Refresh fails on profile with no statuses 1 month ago

Closed #366 Refreshing profile when no newer RequestRange present should re-load initial 1 month ago

Closed #368 Move profile link verification checkmark to be next to link 1 month ago

Closed #372 Remember sidebar hide/show state across launches 1 month ago

Closed #41 Share sheet extension for images/videos 2 months ago

Closed #371 “Post” button on compose screen is disabled 2 months ago

Closed #122 Entering/leaving split view on iPad causes navigation title view to disappear 2 months ago

Closed #295 System image picker support? 2 months ago

Closed #345 Show reblogger's avatar on timeline statuses 2 months ago

Closed #359 Reblogs appearing in bookmarks view 2 months ago

Closed #343 Emphasize "Load more" in timeline 2 months ago

Closed #349 Conversation main status doesn’t show keyboard focus background 2 months ago

Closed #348 Better UI for searching hashtags in Customize Timelines 2 months ago

Closed #253 Crash when pressing Cmd+1/2/... on macOS 2 months ago

Closed #360 Send scope in /oauth/token request 2 months ago

Closed #363 Scroll to top doesn't work in SFSafariViewController 2 months ago

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