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Merged #341 Duckable Issue 4 months ago

Merged #340 xcconfig Fixes 4 months ago

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Closed #408 Akkoma supports following hashtags 1 day ago

Closed #251 Permanently cache own account in CoreData 1 week ago

Closed #316 VC presented from Explore is closed when expanding split 1 week ago

Closed #396 Compose screen dismisses and leaves broken ducked placeholder when rotating 1 week ago

Closed #399 Backgrounding the app dismisses any presented SFSafariViewControllers 1 week ago

Closed #403 Poll checkboxes flash/animate to enabled when cell reconfigures 1 week ago

Closed #404 Fix DeferredLoadingIndicator crashes 1 week ago

Closed #400 Selecting search result on iPad modally presents VC 1 week ago

Closed #393 Recognize text reads attachment data on background thread 2 weeks ago

Closed #394 Delete attachment context menu action does not work 2 weeks ago

Closed #395 MainSplitVC didCollapse should not force unwrap search controller 2 weeks ago

Closed #398 Notifications handleStatusDeleted should check whether section exists before querying it 2 weeks ago

Closed #386 Touching attachment on ConvMainStatusCell shows cell background 2 weeks ago

Closed #387 Missing context menu preview/actions for poll finished cell 2 weeks ago

Closed #388 Reblogs count button is not leading aligned 2 weeks ago

Closed #389 Tip jar button width changes while in loading state 2 weeks ago

Closed #390 Crash if there's a group with no notifications 2 weeks ago

Closed #391 Validate length before asking for endIndex when trying to parse UITextInputMode language 2 weeks ago

Closed #392 Check that there is a mastodonController before looking up status 2 weeks ago

Closed #47 Gracefully handle unsupported media types 3 weeks ago

Closed #177 Migrate drafts to CoreData 3 weeks ago

Closed #169 Crash when opening unknown-type attachment in gallery 3 weeks ago

Closed #383 Fix grouped background for expand thread cell 3 weeks ago

Closed #384 Handle Mastodon remote post URLs in link checking 3 weeks ago

Closed #380 Status doesn’t start expanded in conversation 4 weeks ago

Closed #381 Fav/reblog button should update status immediately w/o reconfiguring and animating 4 weeks ago

Closed #382 Boost to original audience should be disabled for dms 4 weeks ago

Closed #375 Share sheet extension doesn't appear for apple news article 4 weeks ago

Closed #321 Add Post Edit Function 4 weeks ago

Closed #373 Error decoding GtS status URLs 4 weeks ago

Closed #378 Crash when looking at posts and replies for certain profile 1 month ago

Closed #236 Language selector on Compose screen 1 month ago

Closed #369 Duckable compose UX improvements 1 month ago

Closed #374 Crash on first launch of build 80 if resuming compose user activity 1 month ago

Closed #377 Send button on report screen shows spinner in wrong place 1 month ago

Closed #365 Show larger preview while writing attachment description 1 month ago

Closed #376 Compose screen rewrite broke posting gifs 1 month ago

Closed #153 CompositionAttachmentData.video can't be encoded 1 month ago

Closed #266 Refresh fails on profile with no statuses 1 month ago

Closed #366 Refreshing profile when no newer RequestRange present should re-load initial 1 month ago

Closed #368 Move profile link verification checkmark to be next to link 1 month ago

Closed #372 Remember sidebar hide/show state across launches 1 month ago

Closed #41 Share sheet extension for images/videos 2 months ago

Closed #371 “Post” button on compose screen is disabled 2 months ago

Closed #122 Entering/leaving split view on iPad causes navigation title view to disappear 2 months ago

Closed #295 System image picker support? 2 months ago

Closed #345 Show reblogger's avatar on timeline statuses 2 months ago

Closed #359 Reblogs appearing in bookmarks view 2 months ago

Closed #343 Emphasize "Load more" in timeline 2 months ago

Closed #349 Conversation main status doesn’t show keyboard focus background 2 months ago

Closed #348 Better UI for searching hashtags in Customize Timelines 2 months ago

Closed #253 Crash when pressing Cmd+1/2/... on macOS 2 months ago

Closed #360 Send scope in /oauth/token request 2 months ago

Closed #363 Scroll to top doesn't work in SFSafariViewController 2 months ago

Closed #167 Discover section sometimes shows up on pleroma 3 months ago

Closed #217 Re-layout ConversationMainStatusTableViewCell when hide/show reblog count pref changes 3 months ago

Closed #336 Description in link preview card gets cut off with multi-line title 3 months ago

Closed #284 Indicate moved profiles 3 months ago

Closed #315 Include timeline position in handoff activity 3 months ago

Closed #358 Hide link card icon when no image provided 3 months ago

Closed #157 Refresh conversations 3 months ago

Closed #279 Show message on remote profiles with no statuses 3 months ago

Closed #32 State restoration 3 months ago

Closed #40 Timeline position syncing 4 months ago

Closed #354 Preference to turn off gif/alt badges 4 months ago

Closed #355 Trending stops loading after 20 posts, links stop after 10 4 months ago

Closed #286 Custom emoji picker is not VoiceOver-accessible 4 months ago

Closed #310 VoiceOver: fast account switcher should be modal 4 months ago

Closed #350 Better VoiceOver descriptions for notifications 4 months ago

Closed #178 Using constrained existential type in MultiThreadDictionary does not work in release builds on iOS 15 4 months ago

Closed #352 Crash when tapping My Profile tab too quickly 4 months ago

Closed #327 Favorites list 4 months ago

Closed #351 Crash when opening link from iPad Explore tab in Safari 4 months ago

Closed #318 Update bookmarks VC on (un)bookmark 4 months ago

Closed #347 Home and Profile timelines broken in Akkoma 4 months ago

Closed #326 Swap post and drafts button 4 months ago

Closed #154 Audit haptic feedback 4 months ago

Closed #338 Alt badge on attachments 4 months ago

Closed #255 GIF badge on attachments 4 months ago

Closed #206 Action to hide reblogs from user 4 months ago

Closed #329 Preference to hide link preview cards 4 months ago

Closed #344 Truncate long URLs in status content text view 4 months ago

Closed #171 Move trending posts and profile directory to Explore on iPad 4 months ago

Closed #334 macOS Designed for iPad: Can't remove pinned timelines 4 months ago

Closed #333 Local timeline does not work for Akkoma instances 4 months ago

Closed #328 Search scopes 5 months ago

Closed #57 Using expand all button to show conv main status truncates text 5 months ago

Closed #68 PixelFed support 5 months ago

Closed #93 Crash if opening without a stable network connection 5 months ago

Closed #98 Allow sharing gifv attachments from gallery 5 months ago

Closed #2 New Icons 5 months ago

Closed #71 Reporting statuses 5 months ago

Closed #323 Add Post and Follower Counts to Profile Page 5 months ago

Closed #317 Adjust profile header button height with dynamic type size 5 months ago

Closed #320 Crash when restoring timeline with unloaded reblogs 5 months ago

Closed #123 Can't move keyboard focus inside page view controllers 5 months ago

Closed #325 Things that should adjust to accent color 5 months ago

Closed #162 Handle relative URLs in hashtags 5 months ago

Closed #227 Profile page UI confusion 6 months ago

Closed #222 [subjective] Make lists accessible from "Home" page 6 months ago

Closed #267 Handle WebP images better 6 months ago

Closed #259 Separate icon/button on profile for following 6 months ago

Closed #160 Sync non-Mastodon data via iCloud 6 months ago

Closed #312 Compose autocomplete accounts is case sensitive 6 months ago

Closed #202 Timeline filters 6 months ago

Closed #311 Long pressing link in conversation main status results in preview appearing and then navigation 6 months ago

Closed #313 Reblog swipe action should be disabled when reblogging isn't allowed 6 months ago

Closed #309 all URLs from safari paste as images 6 months ago

Closed #308 xcconfigs? 6 months ago

Closed #209 Toggling expand/collapse causes status meta icons to flicker blue in collection status cell 6 months ago

Closed #306 CustomAlertController should have hover pointer effect on actions 6 months ago

Closed #168 LargeImageVC description improvements 6 months ago

Closed #293 Remember timeline position when switching accounts 6 months ago

Closed #297 Rewrite timeline position persistence to not use the NSUserActivity mechanism 6 months ago

Closed #305 Swipe actions aren't persisted 6 months ago

Closed #174 Timeline pagination breaks when the last post in a page is a reblog 6 months ago

Closed #148 Disabling timeline action buttons sometimes cuts off post text 6 months ago

Closed #131 Animations should be disabled on instance public timelines 6 months ago

Closed #303 Copy expand all statuses setting when tapping More Replies cell in conversation 6 months ago

Closed #277 Jump to top of timeline with VoiceOver 6 months ago

Closed #304 List items render as black in dark mode 6 months ago

Closed #296 Scroll to top doesn’t work on Conversation screen 6 months ago

Closed #298 Circular avatars pref doesn't update sidebar item immediately 6 months ago

Closed #301 Copied images paste as URL 6 months ago

Closed #290 Crash when scrolling through timeline with VoiceOver 6 months ago

Closed #291 VoiceOver: read attachment descriptions in timeline 6 months ago

Closed #292 VoiceOver: can’t escape gallery view 6 months ago

Closed #287 tusker:// url scheme is broken 6 months ago

Closed #289 Reenabling expired filter doesn’t work 6 months ago

Closed #288 Jump to present VoiceOver action 6 months ago

Closed #280 Hometown: copy local-only status from in-reply-to post 6 months ago

Closed #283 Keyboard shortcut for sending post 6 months ago

Closed #285 VoiceOver custom action to navigate to status author profile 6 months ago

Closed #278 Bookmark action to status rotor 6 months ago

Closed #275 Split nav: collection view cells aren’t deselected 6 months ago

Closed #276 Mute screen layout is broken on iPad 6 months ago

Closed #223 Emoji aren't in server-recommended order 6 months ago

Closed #265 Indicate pending state for follows 6 months ago

Closed #231 Hashtags/mentions/links aren't in VoiceOver rotor 6 months ago

Closed #270 State restoration for open/ducked draft 6 months ago

Closed #272 Can't select link with VO rotor 6 months ago

Closed #238 Edited post notifications? 6 months ago

Closed #249 Customize swipe actions 6 months ago

Closed #271 gifv attachments aren't centered 6 months ago

Closed #258 GIFs from the Tenor keyboard don't show up until closing/reopening the app (draft?) 7 months ago

Closed #260 Signing in to accounts with 2fa may not work 7 months ago

Closed #263 Selecting draft doesn't work 7 months ago

Closed #225 "Reblogged by" UI improvements 7 months ago

Closed #262 Crash when collapsing/uncollapsing trending post 7 months ago

Closed #241 Indicate verified links in profile fields 7 months ago

Closed #244 Shared albums in asset picker 7 months ago

Closed #257 Larger tap targets for gallery controls 7 months ago

Closed #254 Custom alert action image gets squished in some circumstances 7 months ago

Closed #256 Double-tap to zoom in gallery doesn't work 7 months ago

Closed #247 Add to list action on profiles 7 months ago

Closed #250 Profile header gets squished when VC disappears before statuses are loaded 7 months ago

Closed #252 Compose toolbar doesn't react to keyboard safe area on iPadOS 15 7 months ago

Closed #220 Jump to most recent post in timeline 7 months ago

Closed #246 Dynamic text does not apply to reblog confirmation alert 7 months ago

Closed #239 Drag/drop GIF from Finder posts as JPEG 7 months ago

Closed #218 Too many buttons on compose toolbar 7 months ago

Closed #226 CW input improvements 7 months ago

Closed #229 VoiceOver reads entire content of CW'd post 7 months ago

Closed #230 VoiceOver should indicate post visibility 7 months ago

Closed #232 Ensure Compose visibility menu is accessible with VoiceOver 7 months ago

Closed #201 Mute actions on profiles and conversations 7 months ago

Closed #208 Block action on accounts 7 months ago

Closed #213 Renaming list doesn't apply to explore or list 7 months ago

Closed #212 Crash when creating list fails 7 months ago

Closed #216 Show list of accounts you following when adding to a list 7 months ago

Closed #221 Crash when editing list 7 months ago

Closed #234 Use URL keyboard in instance selector search 7 months ago

Closed #237 Clarify that you can enter any URL in the instance selector 7 months ago

Closed #228 [bug] Pressing "media" on a profile page scrolls back up to the top of the bio 7 months ago

Closed #176 Video controls don't respect safe area on iOS 16 7 months ago

Closed #211 Tapping profile field link doesn't work 7 months ago

Closed #214 Refreshing list timeline should trigger reload all instead of failing to load newer b/c noNewer 7 months ago

Closed #219 Context menu preview of attachments doesn't work in TimelineStatusCollectionViewCell 7 months ago

Closed #233 When compose text view becomes first responder, it should scroll caret into view 7 months ago

Closed #224 [subjective] Have a CW'd post be its full length, and dropdown only hide/unhide banner 7 months ago

Closed #199 PKCanvasView flips between black and white in dark mode 7 months ago

Closed #203 Preference to not blur media that's behind a CW 7 months ago

Closed #204 Hang when displaying posts with many custom emojis 7 months ago

Closed #205 Long/tall posts with less than 500 chars should be collapsed automatically 7 months ago

Closed #207 Preference for default reply visibility 7 months ago

Closed #141 Crash when refreshing My Profile before own account is loaded 7 months ago

Closed #188 Tab bar scroll to top broken with collection timeline 7 months ago

Closed #195 Better pointer interaction for status action buttons 7 months ago

Closed #186 Images flicker when switching back to home tab 7 months ago

Closed #187 Gallery dismissal breaks on new timeline 7 months ago

Closed #189 Hide live text button when controls hidden 7 months ago

Closed #192 Timeline is scrolled to top after dismissing image 7 months ago

Closed #193 Successive gallery dismissal breaks on new timeline 7 months ago

Closed #197 Reblog labels in new timeline cells aren’t tappable 7 months ago

Closed #190 Crash when long-pressing send report button in issue reporter 7 months ago

Closed #191 Issue reporter shouldn’t be dismissed when cancelling email sending 7 months ago

Closed #194 DiskCache.fileStates should be protected by a lock 7 months ago

Closed #185 Status collection cell CW can’t spent multiple lines 8 months ago

Closed #184 Using constrained existential type in MultiThreadDictionary does not work in release builds on iOS 15 8 months ago

Closed #183 Crash when hovering over text in profile 8 months ago

Closed #182 Timeline descriptions aren’t finished on new timeline VC 8 months ago

Closed #143 Add refresh indicator when loading older posts 8 months ago

Closed #180 Tapping search result on iPad presents VC modally rather than pushing 8 months ago

Closed #1 X-Callback-URLs 8 months ago

Closed #121 Reblog confirmation alert should show preview of status 9 months ago

Closed #165 Crash when the PSC has no persistent stores and tries to save 9 months ago

Closed #164 Gracefully handle duplicate custom emojis 9 months ago

Closed #175 Part of reblog status cell doesn’t show selection background 9 months ago

Closed #163 Go back to using WebURL for everything 11 months ago

Closed #110 Show full size attachment previews on compose screen 11 months ago

Closed #166 Duplicate item identifiers in notifications list 11 months ago

Closed #36 PreferencesView onDisappear callback not invoked 1 year ago

Closed #124 Deferred menu elements broken on iOS 15 1 year ago

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Opened #170 Use URL.ParseStrategy instead of WebURL when deployment target is bumped to iOS 16 11 months ago

Opened #172 Crash when triggering screen rotation 11 months ago

Opened #173 Licensing? 9 months ago

Opened #179 Key commands don't work with split nav 8 months ago

Opened #181 Support profile migrated notifications 8 months ago

Opened #196 Per-account default post visibility 7 months ago

Opened #198 Deferred menu elements don't work with @MainActor Task 7 months ago

Opened #200 Indicator that new posts are available after refreshing 7 months ago

Opened #210 Support image focus points 7 months ago

Opened #215 Show message when a list timeline is empty 7 months ago

Opened #235 Group when one person performs many of the same action on different statuses 7 months ago

Opened #240 Dropping items onto Compose screen doesn't work 7 months ago

Opened #242 Follow requests view 7 months ago

Opened #243 Group saved hashtags 7 months ago

Opened #245 Account request notifications 7 months ago

Opened #248 Option to allow swiping between pages 7 months ago

Opened #261 DNS-based ad blocking may not work with in-app Safari 7 months ago

Opened #264 Dedup instances in selector 7 months ago

Opened #268 Feature Request: Extend browsing of other servers to allow for Federated as well as local 7 months ago

Opened #269 Feature Request: Allow posting to other servers' feeds from within the app 7 months ago

Opened #273 Synchronize gifv playback between inline attachment/expand animation/gallery 6 months ago

Opened #274 Mention/fav/reblog notifications sometimes have null status 6 months ago

Opened #281 Hometown: use server preference for default local only 6 months ago

Opened #282 Use server preferences 6 months ago

Opened #294 Compose window opens in background when using Slide Over 6 months ago

Opened #299 Inserting present items sometimes scrolls to top 6 months ago

Opened #300 When refreshing timeline, reconfigure items to update timestamps 6 months ago

Opened #302 Refresh menu item is disabled on macOS 6 months ago

Opened #307 VoiceOver foucs changes when navigating back from a converstaion/profile 6 months ago

Opened #314 Mismatched preview cards 6 months ago

Opened #319 Timeline scroll position changes when opening link in out-of-app Safari 5 months ago

Opened #322 Add Tab for Direct Messages 5 months ago

Opened #324 Posts from silenced instance interfere with thread construction 5 months ago

Opened #330 Preference to hide attachments in timeline 5 months ago

Opened #331 Translate via v4 API 5 months ago

Opened #332 Can't decode local only posts on akkoma 4 months ago

Opened #335 macOS: Font size control 4 months ago

Opened #337 When collapsing long posts, show expand button below truncated preview 4 months ago

Opened #339 Preference to disable split navigation 4 months ago

Opened #346 Older notifications don't load when all cells are visible immediately 4 months ago

Opened #353 Audio session issues 4 months ago

Opened #356 Instance Broadcast Messages 4 months ago

Opened #357 mentions don't get marked as read on the server. 4 months ago

Opened #361 Feature Request: Alternate App Icons 3 months ago

Opened #362 Calckey support 3 months ago

Opened #364 Can't type emoji in Mac Catalyst app 2 months ago

Opened #367 Option to strip tracking junk from URLs 2 months ago

Opened #370 Use the /api/v2/media endpoint for uploading instead of v1 2 months ago

Opened #379 Certain field configurations result in words breaking unnecessarily 1 month ago

Opened #385 Edit history screen should note that history may not be complete for remote posts 3 weeks ago

Opened #397 Option to underline links 3 weeks ago

Opened #401 Smart quotes substitution setting on Mac doesn’t persist 2 weeks ago

Opened #402 Selecting status cell sometimes change tint color to system blue 2 weeks ago

Opened #405 Space/shift-space keyboard shortcuts for paging up/down 1 week ago

Opened #406 Favorites count button changes width when (un)fav’ing 6 days ago

Opened #407 Empty attachment containers shown in status cell 6 days ago

Opened #409 Reblog confirmation alert visibility does not match when reblogging limited visibliity post 3 days ago

Opened #410 Mentions tab title cut off with smaller than default dynamic type sizes 3 days ago

Opened #411 Can’t refresh mentions tab on akkoma 2 days ago

Opened #412 Posts with redirect links that point to images bypass the Sensitive check 18 hours ago

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Open #129 Support GoToSocial 4 weeks ago

Open #15 Accessibility 2 months ago

Open #13 Delete (& redraft) 4 months ago

Open #134 Set URL request attribution to user where appropriate 5 months ago